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Gisele on death of her pup: 'She will always live on in my heart'


"My best friend, she will always live on in my heart," she wrote. "Let's never take for granted the unconditional love that our animals show us every single day."

James Haynes / Splash News

Gisele Bundchen and son Benjamin Brady on a bike with Gisele's dog, Vida.

The precious Yorkie pup (whose name means "life" in Portuguese) has been by Gisele's side during her rise to super stardom. The stunning celeb even dressed up Vida in Dolce & Gabbana when she married hubby Tom Brady and also brought her precious pooch on their honeymoon.

Bündchen has never been shy about her affinity for rescuing animals and has even claimed she's "the biggest animal lover in the world."

So sad! It looks like this babe has a tough week ahead. RIP, Vida and best of luck to Gisele as she mourns the loss of her precious pet.

Gisele on death of her pup: 'She will always live on in my heart'