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About Us

Pets & Me is a free website which offers a rendezvous for you and your pets. This is a place where you get to live every cherished moment with your pet. We offer a world within a world with lot of surprises for all the pet lovers, a place where you can talk, share, report, discuss, comment and know the best thing your pet deserves. Also to be always in touch you can follow us on facebook, twitter and Google +. This is all because we believe that every pet is a unique heart beat by the side.

Buy & Sell:

You don’t have to go around turning every stone to find a pet. Pets & Me offers all the information about buying or selling your pet in your vicinity. Upon request your requirements will be forwarded to all the pets’ agent of the website in your ambit to meet up to your demands.

Pet Dairy:

Create a dairy for your pet Let the world know how unique your pet is. What makes him so different and adorable? Or anything interesting that only you and your pet shared. So unleash your stories here in Pets & Me.


Now get solutions for all your pet related issues. This forum is something that is new which Pets & Me offers. This is where you can learn and confer a lot about your pets’ health, care, nutrition, training, allergies and more. So you don’t consult to one specialist but many around the world to get the best.

Pet News:

Pets & Me offers another interesting feature to its users. It helps you to share or add any news, facts, features, links and pictures about pets from anywhere. So let people around you know more about the happenings in the world of pets.

Pet Adoption:

Our website enables its users to adopt any sort of pets be it the most exotic one, stray one, or a specially abled ones. Pets & Me helps the users by giving all the required information so that you can be a blessing.

Lost & Found:

 Pets & Me offers a prospect to share to the world if you have lost a pet or found someone else’s. Put it up on this website and we will always be at your service to help you.

Pet Agents:

Pets & Me is associated with some pet agents so that when you sign in with your local address we can assure you, contact with the most efficient pet dealer closest to your area. So that you can get the best you deserve.