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Posted by - Richard Austin

This dog doesn't just herd sheep; she feeds them, too


As a sheepdog, Jess, an English springer spaniel, has gone way beyond the call of duty.

Richard Austin/Rex USA

English Springer Spaniel Jess feeds orphaned lamb Shaun on a farm in Devon, England.

Owner Louise Moorhouse, who has 270 sheep on her 180-acre farm in Devon, England, says that Jess happily bottle-feeds orphaned lambs, holding the bottle in her mouth. The caring canine is currently playing "mom" to four Dorset lambs who could not be fed by their own mother.

Richard Austin/ Rex USA

"I taught her to hold the milk bottle in her mouth and she does the rest," says Jess's owner.

Jess, who's now 10 years old, has "been doing it ever since she was a puppy," Louise says. "I taught her to hold the milk bottle in her mouth and she did the rest. It's very funny when she runs across the field gripping the bottle."

And the multitasking mutt doesn't just feed lambs. She also happily carries buckets of feed and farm equipment to wherever they're needed.

U.K. photo agency Rex Features reports that as a reward, Jess often enjoys licks, nuzzles and belly rubs from grateful sheep.